Standalone DVR
Hybrid System
PC based DVR
AVR (Alarm Video Recorder)

AVR (Alarm Video Recorder) integrated existing DVR technology and access control on one hardware platform. It performs smart alarm monitoring as cost effective multi-media CCTV solution, which able to setup complete self security alarm monitoring environment.

AVR provide multiple alarm detecting zones and remote alarm control through telephone line and mobile phone. In case any emergency alarm detected, AVR makes immediate call, or send SMS/e-mail alarm notification to the multiple listed telephone numbers or the customers on the list.
At the same time, AVR records the event video and send it to the central station(CAMS), so that all alarms and video can be managed seamlessly by immediate actions on site and off site simultaneously.
NS3000 Pro series

- 4ch/8ch Alarm Video Recorder NS3000 series

[Alarm control] [Video recording] [Network viewing]

* Remote arm and disarm control
* up to 8 additional alarm zone setup
* Immediate call to multiple emergency
   contact numbers
* Remote arm/disarm through mobile
* E-mail or SNS notification to users
* Effective arm and disarm control
   by keypad

* Best recording quanlity H.264 codec
   video compression
* Various recording mode and search
* Data backup through local USB and
   network (CMS/CAMS)
* Privacy recording and data backup with
   virtual password
* Alarm notification through e-mail or
   EMC on CMS

* Complete control by mobile phone
   : video and alarm
* Wired/wereless connectivity through
   mobile phone and telephone line
* Remote video data viewing, setup
   and playback by CMS
* Event alarm video transmission
   to CMS/CAMS
* System health checking through CC
* Remote firmware upgrade through CMS

  • Complete DIY alarm security solution
  • Cost effective alarm monitoring and video recording package3
  • Integrated with smart phone interface
  • Remote alarm and lighting control
  • Advanced video recording and effective data playback
  • Remote data viewing through mobile phone and internet
  • Interacting with central event monitoring solution
  • Immediate alarm mode control by integrated alarm keypad
  • Emergency notification through automatic calling
  • Power off notification and instant power supply
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